Dear visitors, welcome to our Pearl of the Adriatic - the everlasting DUBROVNIK. This is the city of eternal beauty, stunning nature, rich history and culture, hidden gastronomy, and of course – many places to relax and indulge in your leisure.
But, first and foremost, Dubrovnik is a city of freedom, the symbol well spoken of in the verse by famous Dubrovnik baroque poet Ivan Gundulić: "Oh beautiful, oh dear, oh sweet freedom!".

The walls, palaces, streets and roofs tell stories from the past where every chance traveller discovers his own story in the stone or sea, Stradun or at Porporela.
Here's the attraction we prepared which you will never forget. Explore Dubrovnik from the SEGWAY point of view.

Riding a SEGWAY – the first self-balancing personal transporter in the world, the amazing and useful vehicle that is easy to ride, there is new experience that thrills and fills you with excitement. Unrestrained, you will enjoy Dubrovnik's natural beauty ili natural treasures and the coastal views, historical monuments, details and colours while adjusting your speed to the moment - from rollerblades to bike. SEGWAY will provide complete pleasure in motion and enables you to enjoy the most beautiful city landscapes.
We are happy to welcome you on SEGWAY CITY TOUR DUBROVNIK and to show you the Croatian Adriatic Pearl in a new and personal way. Join us in the adventure!